Restoration Prices

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Prices grouped by degree of difficulty.
1. The easiest is removing people / things, from the picture, and replacing them / it,
with blank wall behind the subject; or copying something from one picture,
and pasting it into another picture. The time will vary between 1/2 to 1 hour time.
The more items ,or people, obviously the more time required to cut around the subject.

2. Removing subject and replacing with a pattern background , time will vary between,
1 to 1-1/2 hour. Time varies depending on the amount of detail in the back ground.

3. The most difficult is replacing , and touching up facial features, eyes , ears, mouth;
most times you can copy and paste parts, left eye to right etc.
Hand drawing features are the most time consuming.
Time will vary depending on the number of features missing or broken.

• Other factors effecting the time is the amount of scratches or cracks or dust spots.

Retouching $ 60. CDN Per 1 hour

• Free quotes.

• Original photo is never worked on directly , and is completely safe from harm.

• Each finished order includes a copy on computer disc.

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